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medibang: masking screencaps, colour funpicsart: assembling graphicspolarr: filtering screencapsphonto: textmoldiv: putting panels into a full editadobe capture: colour palettespinterest & unsplash: textures/overlays/inspirationβ€”β€”β€”
i take my own screencaps from logoless hd full shows, so i have full control over what they look like.

my main sources for logoless content are logolessdesires & downloadinhd on twitter.
other sites for actual screencaps include:
home of the nuttykissthemgoodbyeanimation screencapsscreencappedas well as random sites i find by searching up specific shows.

transcripts/screenplays/scripts for shows i find on:
script slugsubs like scriptscriptssimplyscriptsscraps from the loftor random sites.
or, fonts that i use wayyy too often:
inconsolata [this font]liberation sansbasier square monokanonext artfuturaarialhelveticapt serif captiontimes new romanwarowniaaemstelconsolascourier polski 1941β€”β€”β€”
most of the time i edit stuff that’s on my lovelist, with the occasional random thing that no one really expected me to edit.

i’d definitely call myself a multifandom graphic editorβ€”i started out as a blend editor, and it did not go well.
feel free to dm me about any questions, editing-related or not, i'll be down to answer them.
here's some edits that i'm actually proud of!! woah!!

about the admin

name: kieran yujung lee | μ΄μœ μ •pronouns: he/theyage: 19ethnicity/nationality: korean americansexuality/gender aromantic asexual lesbian womanpolitics leftist, not liberalhogwarts house: hufflepuffmbti: intp-tenneagram: type 8w7editing: photo // graphicfavourite colours: dark blue, greytone/b&waesthetic: dark academia lovertea drinkerhorrid eating/sleeping habitsalways listening to musicvery bad at reading tone and sarcasm. loves telling jokes and being sarcastic.β€”β€”β€”
leftismsocial equalityegalitarianismenvironmental justicegun ownershipzionism + palestinesecularisationeuthanasiaabortiondecriminalisation & legalisation of marijuana & sex workpolice & military abolishmentgrassroots activismfree healthcare & educationvaccinesβ€”β€”β€”
capitalismimperialismnationalismestablishmentdeath penaltywarbigotryaspec gatekeepersneoliberalshomelessnessβ€”β€”β€”
under 13gatekeep/exclude asexual/aromantic spectrum folkshomophobic, transphobic, general ass to the glbtq+ communityanti-choice/pro-forced birth/"pro-life"racist, especially antisemeticfatphobicanti black/indigenous/asian lives matterpro "all lives matter"pro capitalism/anti socialismpro conservative politics/valuespro religious imperialismpro cop, military, prisonexclude/invalidate lesbians who use non-she/her pronounssupport bi/pan/omni/poly lesbians (split attraction theory is fine)fetishise/sexualise...literally anybodyanti vaxgeneral bigotry and fuckeryβ€”β€”β€”
DO NOT INTERACT/FOLLOW: editing/fandom
ship kara danvers/mon-el or stan mon-el in any way (supergirl)ship lily evans/severus snape or stan snape in any way (harry potter)exclusively stan cw shows, stranger things, supernaturalexclusively stan game streamers, especially minecraft youtubersexclusively listen to pop musicexclusively blend or video edit
...we will have nothing in common.

enthusiast list

katie mcgrathsandra ohamelia evehannah gadsbyjean smartkim eunjungteam kim (curling, kor)
hippo campusearly eyesgrandsonlupinbrotherkenziebaby boyshozierhalfβ€’alivesylvan essopeach pitbad bad hatsthe greeting committeemoontowerlitvarstill woozyalt bloomidk how but they found meyoung the giantkawalaglass animalsrainbow kitten surprisealmost mondaybetween friendsritt momneyashephoebe bridgersi the victorlauvdodietessa violetorla gartlanddan & drumpeachy!chapeljapanese breakfast
lena luthor β€” supergirleve polastri β€” killing evecristina yang β€” grey's anatomyjamie taylor β€” the haunting of bly manorhelen fahey β€” mare of easttowndeborah vance β€” hacksamalia true β€” the neverspenance adair β€” the neversdex parios β€” stumptownjulia argent β€” carmen sandiegoamelia shepherd β€” private practice/grey’s anatomyamity blight β€” the owl housesameen shaw β€” person of interestjohn reese β€” person of interestelsa oldenburg β€” frozen iiellie chu β€” the half of ithelen tudor-fisk β€” fiskhilde lisko β€” home before darkraelle collar β€” motherland: fort salemtally craven β€” motherland: fort salem
penance/amalia β€” the neversjamie/dani β€” the haunting of bly manorkara/lena β€” supergirleve/oksana β€” killing evejulia/carmen β€” carmen sandiegosamantha/sameen β€” person of interest
the handmaid's talesnowpiercerkim’s conveniencehacksthe haunting of bly manorthe nevershome before darkperson of interestmare of easttownmotherland: fort salemstumptownfleabagkilling evefiskmotherland: fort salemthe queen's gambitcarmen sandiegothe owl housethe magic school busthe baby-sitters club
parasitethe half of itmary poppins returnsfrozen ii1917

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social justice/activism accounts

black lives matter masterlist

mutuals & inspiration

here's some of my editing friends:

britt protection squad/the colour purple
● marisa | turnawawayslamthedoor
● britt | reysflame
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some editors i'm personally inspired by:
[work in progress lol]

edit help resources

● main pinterest [fireandfolds]
● edit help pinterest [fireandfoldss]
● unsplash [fireandfolds]

● damie scenes
● nanette screencaps
● douglas screencaps
● the half of it screencaps

● seven deadly sins β€” alexey malina
● power tokyo β€” christopher griffith


my original β€˜nothing more’, out now on apple music/itunes/spotify

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